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$1 Trillion Club: 16 Largest Stock Exchanges in the World

Largest Exchanges in the World

There are hundreds of stock exchanges around the world. These exchanges range from multi-trillion dollar market caps to less than $1 billion. Nearly every country in the world has a stock exchange (sometimes more than one) that caters to that nation's economy. There are 60 major exchanges with a total value of over $71 Trillion.

Of all stock exchanges in the world, there are 16 exchanges with a Market Cap over $1 Trillion USD. Together, these 16 exchanges from 13 different countries and 4 different continents, make up over 80% of the global stock exchange market cap. These 16 countries' combined market cap is over $58 Trillion USD.

Just Shy of $1 Trillion

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange is just $10 Billion shy of the $1 Trillion mark and will likely surpass that milestone in the coming years. The Johannesburg Stock Exchanges will be the first stock exchange in Africa to reach the $1 Trillion mark.

Note: Although not all of these exchanges trade securities in US Dollars, all dollar values have been converted to USD for comparison sake. Below is the list of all 16 stock exchanges that are members of the $1 Trillion Club.

# Name Symbol Market Cap
1 United States Flag New York Stock Exchange NYSE $18.17 Trillion
2 United States Flag NASDAQ Stock Exchange NASDAQ $7.05 Trillion
3 United States Flag Tokyo Stock Exchange JPX $4.6 Trillion
4 United States Flag Shanghai Stock Exchange SSE $3.93 Trillion
5 United States Flag London Stock Exchange LSE $3.64 Trillion
6 United States Flag Euronext Amsterdam Stock Exchange Euronext $3.35 Trillion
7 United States Flag Shenzhen Stock Exchange SZSE $3.09 Trillion
8 United States Flag Hong Kong Stock Exchange HKEX $3.02 Trillion
9 United States Flag Toronto Stock Exchange TSX $1.77 Trillion
10 United States Flag German Stock Exchange FSX $1.66 Trillion
11 United States Flag Bombay (Mumbai) Stock Exchange BSE $1.43 Trillion
12 United States Flag Swiss Stock Exchange SIX $1.42 Trillion
13 United States Flag India National Stock Exchange NSE $1.41 Trillion
14 United States Flag South Korea Stock Exchange KRX $1.28 Trillion
15 United States Flag Stockholm Stock Exchange OMX $1.26 Trillion
16 United States Flag Australia Stock Exchange ASX $1.2 Trillion