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Bhutanese Ngultrum (BTN) TradingHours.com

The Bhutanese Ngultrum is the primary currency of Bhutan. This currency is used by an estimated 754,394 people. Based on our estimate, Bhutanese Ngultrum is the #130 most popular currency is the world.

The currency code for the Bhutanese Ngultrum is "BTN". The ISO 4217 number for this currency is 64.

Bhutanese Ngultrum conversion rates, useful facts, and holiday schedule can be found below.

BTN Currency Demographics

The primary country using the Bhutanese Ngultrum is Bhutan.

There are approximately 754,394 people around the world who use the Bhutanese Ngultrum. The Bhutanese Ngultrum is the #130 most used widely currency is the world.

754,394 user population
Ranked #130 in the world

BTN Exchange Rates

1 Bhutanese Ngultrum equals:

Australian Dollar


Inverse: 48.51


Inverse: 78.53
British Pound


Inverse: 93.16
Indian Rupee


Inverse: 1.00
Japanese Yen


Inverse: 0.65
US Dollar


Inverse: 70.50

† Rates last updated at 24 minutes ago

‡ Rates are the interbank rate and are only available on large transactions

BTN Currency Facts

BTN Details

ISO 4217 CodeBTN
ISO 4217 Number64
Unit NameNgultrum
Currency NicknamesN.a.

BTN Denominations

Minor Unit NameN.a.
Minor Unit Symbol N.a.
Minor Units2
Frequently Used banknotes1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000
Rarely Used BanknotesN.a.
Frequently Used Coins1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50
Rarely Used CoinsN.a.

BTN Issuance

Central BankRoyal Monetary Authority of Bhutan
Central Bank Websitehttp://www.rma.org.bt

World Bank Statistics

Estimated User Population754,394 people
Population Rank#130
BTN Inflation Rate2.72%
Inflation Rank#60

† Population and Inflation rate as based on data from the World Bank.

‡ Corrections or suggestions? Please contact us.

2019 BTN Currency Holidays

Based on holidays observed by the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan. On these dates banks and payment systems may be closed. Settlement in Bhutanese Ngultrum may also be closed on these dates.

Winter Solstice January 3, 2019 Closed
Traditional Day of Offering January 6, 2019 Closed
Losar February 5, 2019 Closed
Losar February 6, 2019 Closed
Birthday of Fifth King February 21, 2019 Closed
Birthday of 5th King February 22, 2019 Closed
Birthday of 5th King February 23, 2019 Closed
Zhabdrung Kuchoe April 14, 2019 Closed
Birthday of 3rd King May 2, 2019 Closed
Buddha's Parinirvana June 17, 2019 Closed
Birthday of Guru Rinpoche July 11, 2019 Closed
First Sermon of Lord Buddha August 4, 2019 Closed
Blessed Rainy Day September 24, 2019 Closed
Thimphu Drubchen October 4, 2019 Closed
Thimphu Tschechu October 8, 2019 Closed
Dashain October 8, 2019 Closed
Thimphu Tschechu October 9, 2019 Closed
Thimphu Tschechu October 10, 2019 Closed
Coronation of the King November 1, 2019 Closed
Birthday of HM the King November 11, 2019 Closed
Descending of Lord Buddha November 19, 2019 Closed
National Day December 17, 2019 Closed