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🇿🇼 Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWL)

ZWL Currency Demographics

The primary country using the Zimbabwean Dollar is Zimbabwe.

Note: Zimbabwe has redenominated its currency four times since 2006 due to hyperinflation. Since 2009, the country has used a multi-currency system. The Zimbabwe Dollar was officially demonetisation in 2015. In 2019, Zimbabwe introduced the RTGS, a new currency made up of bond notes to prevent hyperinflation. RTGS is the now the only legal currency in Zimbabwe, but the ISO 4217 code has not changed. The ISO code is still ZWL.

The currency code for the Zimbabwean Dollar is "ZWL". The ISO 4217 number for this currency is 932. The currency symbol for the Dollar is "Z$".

There are approximately 16,320,537 people around the world who use the Zimbabwean Dollar. The Zimbabwean Dollar is the #62 most used widely currency is the world.

16,320,537 user population
Ranked #62 in the world

ZWL Exchange Rates

1 Zimbabwean Dollar equals:

Australian Dollar


Inverse: Z$208.11


Inverse: Z$342.70
British Pound


Inverse: Z$400.90
Indian Rupee


Inverse: Z$3.85
Japanese Yen


Inverse: Z$2.10
US Dollar


Inverse: Z$322.00

† Rates last updated at 43 minutes ago

‡ Rates are the interbank rate and are only available on large transactions

ZWL Currency Facts

ZWL Details

ISO 4217 CodeZWL
ISO 4217 Number932
Unit NameDollar
Currency NicknamesZollar

ZWL Denominations

Minor Unit NameN.a.
Minor Unit Symbol N.a.
Minor Units2
Frequently Used banknotesN.a.
Rarely Used BanknotesN.a.
Frequently Used CoinsN.a.
Rarely Used CoinsN.a.

ZWL Issuance

Central BankReserve Bank of Zimbabwe
Central Bank Website

World Bank Statistics

Estimated User Population16,320,537 people
Population Rank#62
ZWL Inflation Rate104.71%
Inflation Rank#3

† Population and Inflation rate as based on data from the World Bank.

‡ Corrections or suggestions? Please contact us.

2024 ZWL Currency Holidays

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