# Local Time

# Markets Local Time

This endpoint allows you to check the local time at any market or trading venue.

Bulk requests and CSV downloads are supported. Use the FinID obtained from the List Markets.

We recommend using bulk requests whenever possible to avoid hitting rate limits.

# Schema

Field Format Description
fin_id String The FinID for the market.
timezone String Gives the timezone the market utilizes in Olson timezone identifier format.
iso_8601 ISO 8601 Shows the full current local time at the market.
date Date Shows the date at the market, part of the iso_8601 field.
time Time Shows the time at the market, including seconds.
offset Offset Shows the offset value for the market.
day String Shows the current day of the week for the market.

# Query String Parameters

Supported query string parameters are listed in the table below:

Parameter Supported Values Default Description
fin_id Valid FinID(s) N/A Specify which market(s) to show data for.
format CSV, JSON JSON Specify output format

If you use a query string parameter that isn't supported, the API will ignore the invalid query string parameters and execute the ones it recognizes.

# Examples

Remember to use your authentication token for all requests.

# Get Local Time for Single FinID


# Get Local Time for Two FinIDs


# Get Local Time for Single MIC


# Get Local Time for Three FinIDs in CSV Format


# Sample JSON Response

    "data": [
            "fin_id": "JP.JPX",
            "timezone": "Asia\/Tokyo",
            "iso_8601": "2021-07-12T10:56:52+09:00",
            "date": "2021-07-12",
            "time": "10:56:52",
            "offset": "+09:00",
            "day": "Monday"
            "fin_id": "US.NYSE",
            "timezone": "America\/New_York",
            "iso_8601": "2021-07-11T21:56:52-04:00",
            "date": "2021-07-11",
            "time": "21:56:52",
            "offset": "-04:00",
            "day": "Sunday"