# Introduction

# Overview

TradingHours.com is the most trusted source for date-related financial reference data. Our data is carefully collected and verified using only primary sources. The API allows you to easily pull market holidays and trading hours information into your own application or trading algorithm.

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# Enterprise API vs Market Status API

There are two tiers of API access. The Market Status API is available to all customers including retail traders and developers.

The Enterprise API is available to only bona fide financial companies such as banks, hedge funds, fintech companies, and other financial service providers.

# What's the difference?

The Market Status API gives you a snapshot of the current moment. It tells you if markets are open right now and when they open or close next. It also tells you the current trading phase (primary trading session, pre-open, after-hours, etc) and when markets open or close next.

This API takes into account all holidays and half-days but does not include circuit breakers or halts.

The market status API can be used for:

  • Building dashboards,
  • Adding countdowns to your own website or application,
  • Activating a trading algorithm when markets open,
  • Detecting market holidays,
  • and much more.

The Enterprise API includes everything from the Market Status API, plus:

  • Future holiday dates,
  • Full trading schedules,
  • Online portal to view holidays and trading hours,
  • Email alerts when holidays change.

# Which API do I have access to?

Go to manage your subscriptions to see what plan you are subscribed to.

# How do I access the Enterprise API?

To learn more about the Enterprise API and get pricing, go to tradinghours.com/data and click "Request a Trial."

Be sure to use your @company.com email.