DNFI – MIC Code Details

Operating MIC: XHEL
Market Name: FIRST NORTH FINLAND - [email protected]
Status: ACTIVE
Acronym: -
Legal Name: -
MIC Category: Not Specified (NSPD)
Location: Helsinki, Finland 🇫🇮
Website: www.nasdaqomxnordic.com
Created: 2015-11-23 (7 years ago)
Updated: 2015-11-23 (7 years ago)
Expired: -
Comments: [email protected] DARK POOL FOR FIRST NORTH FINLAND

This information is accurate as of the last MIC publication date on 2023-05-08.

History of Changes

  • Created on 2015-11-23 (7 years ago)

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Source: https://www.iso20022.org/market-identifier-codes