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Core Data Products

Real-Time Status

Our Real-Time Status API tells you if the markets are open or closed right now. Includes countdown until the next bell, timezone, trading phase, and other key information. Can be used to display real-time trading status and countdowns on your website or app.

Trading Hours

Our Trading Hours database provides detailed information about market operation hours for hundreds of exchanges. Includes half-day schedules, extended trading hours, auction times, randomized start/stop times, and historic trading schedules.

Market Holidays

Our Market Holidays database provides trading calendar information for all supported markets. Includes market closures, half-days, and non-settlement dates. Holidays are always available well in advance. Unscheduled closures are added as soon as they are announced.

Timezone Details

Accurate timezone information is essential in order to convert across timezones. Our supplemental Timezone Database provides UTC offsets, Daylight Saving Time information, and timezone transition times (past and future) for all the world's timezones so you can always make the correct conversion.

Key Features

We are the top choice for organizations that need a reliable source for financial date-related information. Our features include:

Stock Market Trading Hours
Options & Futures Market Hours
Non-Settlement Dates
Hundreds of markets across the globe
On-demand API Access
Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, SQL format
Timezone Details
Outstanding Technical Support
Complete History
Trading Holidays and Half-days
Rigorously Researched
Highest Standards for Accuracy

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this data updated?

All of our data is sourced directly from the exchanges, government offices, and other authorities that are responsible for holiday determinations. We check official exchange websites and contact market officials directly via email and phone to confirm holiday and trading hour schedules on a continuous basis. Our team reviews new sources daily to identify events that impact market operation hours.

Can you add a market I need?

Yes, we can add any any market you need. Contact us to request a specific market.

How are timezones handled?

All markets have a timezone which can be used to convert between timezones. Our supplemental Timezone Details dataset contains all information regarding UTC offsets and Daylight Saving Time transitions you need.

Can I see trading hour changes ahead of time?

Yes, the Trading Hours database contains past and future schedules. Future schedules are added as soon as they are announced by the exchange. All schedules include a date range indicating when the schedule was (or will be) in effect.

Can I see Extended Trading hours?

Yes, the Trading Hours database includes detailed information on all trading phases including pre-trading hours, extended trading hours, auction times, etc. The database also includes details regarding randomized start and end times for each trading phase.

Is there information about half-days?

Yes, the Trading Hours database contains information on all trading schedules including irregular schedules due to holidays. On half-days the Market Holidays database will reference an "alternate" schedule found in the Trading Hours database.

How is the data formatted?

The preferred way for accessing our database is through the API. Through the API changes are reflected immediately. We can also provide data in CSV, Excel, SQL, or any other format you need. We will develop additional formats for free at your request.

File formats are guaranteed to never change.

Is there a rate limit on the API?

There is a rate limit but it is intended only to prevent misconfigured applications from overwhelming our servers. We provide "bulk" API endpoints so you can get all the information you need in as few requests as possible. If you do need a higher rate limit, contact us and we can increase your limit.

Is there customer support? (Yes, of course)

Prompt support from knowledgeable staff is always free. We can help with billing/subscription issues and technical support. Phone and email support is available.

How do I cancel my contract?

You can cancel your contract at anytime through the self-service account settings. No need to talk to a person unless you want to. After canceling, you can still access the system until the end of the billing period.

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